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I'm putting out feelers to see if people would be interested in the idea of a Garage Safari for Petham and Waltham. Over the last few years we have been to quite a few around Kent. They are good fun, you meet people and get to know new villages. A grand day out, you might even find a bargain. For the sellers, it's an easy way to clear out some of your clutter ( you may not want it but someone else will - everyone's a winner.)
For those not familiar with the concept, if you have stuff you would like to sell on a table stall outside your house you join up by buying a balloon for a nominal sum ( probably in region £5- 10 ). This is pooled and the proceeds are used for a good local cause. The organisers then include you on a map so visitors can find you, you hang the balloon outside your property so people can find you. The map would be downloadable from the Village Facebook pages and the web site. Typically people are looking for bargains but you usually get better than boot-fair prices.
If there were sufficient interest the next step would be to get agreement with the Parish councils. It's nice if the village halls can get involved and maybe serve tea and cakes for further socialising and profit.
The main disadvantage is that it causes people to park randomly around the village, albeit for a few minutes. If the tables are close enough, many may walk and hopefully the car parks in the villages can be made available.
However, if the event is publicised say in the Parish mag and Facebook event sites there will be an undetermined number of visitors though.
Maybe it's still too soon after social distancing.
Sufficient people may be against these possiblities that it may be a none starter.
On the other hand, it could be a nice village event to look forward to each year possibly. I would suggest maybe late August by which time we should know how the opening up of society is going.
Anyway, please let me know what you think

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